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The benefits of opening an account with Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard

Easy tracking of past orders
Thorough database of sales statistics to improve inventory management


Option to add purchasing directives to minimize order errors

Account Application

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    Account Statement

    Our company prioritizes the sending of account statements by electronic mail

    Account statements are only sent if the balance exceeds $25.00

    The Company, by the intermediary of the undersigned, in his administrative quality and/or principal shareholder and also in his personal quality as bond of the amounts due to Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard Inc. accepts to pay invoices according to the following terms.
    • The total amount of purchase did in the course of the month have to be paid on the 10th of the following month.
    • Every non paid statement will be reported to the following month statement with administration fees (2.5%) per month and/or annually (30%).
    • We also accept all collections costs.
    • The property transfer of merchandise is executed at the moment when Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard Inc. receives complete payment of the merchandise.

    The Company and I authorise Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard Inc. to verify any information in this application. I also authorise the other suppliers and the bank mentioned in the application to give to Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard Inc. the required information for the verification of our credit rating.