About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high quality products at competitive prices and provide support that is tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our Values

Commitment to customers

Since 1969, we have developed relationships with our customers to provide them with realistic solution offerings.

Continuous learning

We always look to further develop the expertise of our employees by gathering data and feedback from suppliers, customers, educational institutions and other private and public organizations. We analyze this data to communicate information to our customers that can facilitate their product searches and projects.


We strive to understand our client’s needs and work with partners to develop solution offerings that meet requirements.

Dedication to progress

We constantly monitor our environment in order to initiate projects that can further improve our operations with our customers and partners.

Company History

Humble beginnings


In December 1969, 33 year-old Robert Ménard decided to leave his superintendent job in the construction industry to pursue his dream of operating his own company. He purchased a business called Garage Besner, a retailer of agricultural machinery in the municipality of St-Clet. The company maintained the repair services offered by the previous owners.

The Ford Tractor Franchise


In 1970, the company became a distributor of Ford agricultural tractors and New Holland agricultural machinery. The company focused on this product category until the late 1980s.

The birth of Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard


In 1979, Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard was born when the company expanded its product lines with hydraulic systems and accessories purposely made for agricultural and industrial applications. The company would simultaneously increase the store surface by 9,500 square feet to accommodate this major change.

Period of transition

Early 1980s

In the early 1980s, the agricultural equipment industry was in decline and signs of significant growth disappeared. As a result, Robert Ménard solely focused on selling hydraulic systems and accessories to his customers.

The second generation


In 1992, the son of Robert Ménard, Mario, joined the family enterprise with an extended background in finance and management from Concordia University. Among his early contributions was the addition of truck parts in the company’s product lines.

Traction banner and expansion in the truck parts industry


In 1998, Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard became the second Traction banner in Canada, a division of UAP. Since this partnership, the company has invested massively in its inventory and infrastructures to offer a vast array of truck parts and hydraulic systems at competitive prices. In 2001, the company added a 4,500 square feet warehouse but it was quickly insufficient to cope with the company’s growth in sales. Thus, the company inaugurated a 5,000 square feet warehouse in 2011 to further increase the inventory.

Today and the company’s outlook in the future


As of today, Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard serves more than 400 clients in an 80-km radius. Since 1969, Les Pièces Hydrauliques Ménard continues to adjust its practices and product lines in order to offer quality products and valuable technical assistance to its customers today and in the future.